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Does DJ Eddie Emcee?

DJ Eddie has a degree in communications and has emceed weddings since 2011. He loves announcing an exciting Grand Entrance and special dances. He also makes general announcements throughout the event.

Can my attendees and I make requests?

If it's ok with the wedding couple or head of the event DJ Eddie takes requests. 

How much does it cost?

Pricing depends on how much planning time is needed, the type of equipment needed, desired lighting, and time. Contact DJ Eddie today to get a quote for your special event.

My venue requires all vendors to be insured. Is DJ Eddie Vedolla Insured?

Yes! DJ Eddie can immediately send your vendor a certificate of additionally insured.

What additions can I add to help create a unique and unforgettable wedding?

DJ Eddie has a number of awesome enhancements to take your wedding party over the top. Add the TV package so guests can see pictures and video and displaying a graphic design of you and your special someone. Add uplighting to create a beautiful and fun setting. Have a live saxophone during cocktail hour. Blow your guests away with the CO2 canon enhancement.

What are the next steps to book DJ Eddie?

DJ Eddie has a secure automated system to book services for your big day. Have DJ Eddie email a proposal to you. After reading the proposal click ahead to the agreement. When the agreement is signed and the initial payment is made DJ Eddie is booked for your big day!

What if DJ Eddie can't make it?

DJ Eddie has not missed an event in the 11+ years of DJing weddings and events, knock on wood... If an illness or emergency comes up, DJ Eddie will let you know immediately. He has a list of reputable DJs and will make all arrangements to have a great DJ fill in.

Why do you charge what you charge?

I've been DJing enough years to know my value. Pricing is based on the quality of sound equipment provided. All professional reliable high end gear... Years and hundreds of "performances" mixing music, reading the crowd, and emceeing on the mic have helped me to become an aware and confidant DJ. I continually look for new and fun music to practice my mixing skills too. Finally, I take the time to get to know my clients and their preferences. Communication is key!

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