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Corporate and Company


Don't waste time figuring out how to plug in microphones, play music, and trying to get the sound right for your slideshow, stressing that it all may not work out.

Contact DJ Eddie TODAY!


You get to focus on your event and your attendees. Rest assured your music and all sound needs are taken care of. Reliable professional wireless handheld and clip on microphones are available for speeches, announcements, and talks. Need to hook up sound to a slideshow. DONE! We can easily accommodate any event from 7 - 700. 

Caroline K.  Corporate Sales Kick Off Retreat
@ Camp Navarro in Navarro CA

Eddie is the BEST DJ ever!!!​
He knows how to keep a party hopping!
Every time Eddie has DJ'd an event for us he has been right on!! His equipment is super and top notch as well as his timing.
I want to give him a BIG SHOUT OUT and a bigger
From, Angela Silver and 100 Women Strong Inland Mendocino

Angela S. Mendocino Co. 100+ Women Stong
@ Barra and Campovida in Hopland CA.

We had our company retreat last week and asked Eddy to come and DJ at our end of night celebrations, needless to say he was fantastic! Although we hadn't given him any insight into the age demographic of our team, as soon as he saw it was a young crowd he was able to switch up his playlist to fit the exact vibe we were looking for and kept people dancing all night long! Thank you so much, Eddy, everyone had a brilliant time!

First Wedding Party 1.jpeg

Celebrate your Employees

Christmas and Holiday Parties

Awards Night

Company Retreat

Team Bonding

Community Outreach

Health Fairs

Outdoor Events

Fun Runs

Movie Nights

and more!


Employee Training

You get

- a reliable great sounding audio system

- professional handheld and/or clip on mics

- hook ups for your slideshow or video

- an awesome DJ to run the sound and music.

Larry O. Relay For Life Mendocino ACS 
@ Willits CA.

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Eddie and his work for several years. He has served as DJ for The American Cancer Society Relay For Life, a continuous 24-hour commitment to provide music and announcements in an outdoor setting. He was on top of fitting in live bands, ceremonies, and unexpected demands for the entire time. During the 2019 event he even attended meetings, met with our committee, and helped set the program. He was always pleasant and energetic. His music was expertly selected. I have not been his dance student, but watched him captivate an affluent, discriminating audience at a fundraiser for Project Sanctuary, a program for battered women. With his partner, he commanded the stage with directions and banter while they gracefully performed. It’s evident that his classes would be effective and enjoyable. In seeing him deal with situations that required patience and sound judgment I can attest to his professionalism and honesty.

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