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How We Create Your Awesome Wedding Experience

No stress over music and sound!

DJ Eddie will get you and your guests on the dance floor.

Here is how we make sure the soundtrack to you wedding day gets everyone's hands in the air!

The 2023 Premier Reception Package

The Questionnair

Answer questions to help organize a schedule for the day. The questionnaire builds a timelime, a music playlist, announcements that you want made, and names that you want announced. Some couples have even used the questionnaire to help them get new ideas to enhance their wedding day.


The Consultation

We get together either online or in person depending on where you live to talk about your vision for your wedding day. We discuss the layout of the venue, lighting, special dances, names of people you want announced, and  other important items you want included. 


The Timeline

You will have 24 hour access to the timeline. You'll be able see and make adjustments to the schedule, music, and wedding party names. Maybe you decide to change the first dance song or you want to add someone to your wedding party. This stays available up to the night before your wedding day. This is the timeline I will use as my guide for the day.


Let's Work Together

We'll work together to create a memorable, exciting, and enjoyable wedding day that you, and you guests will talk about fondly for years to come.

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